At the David Wilson Law Offices, P.C., clients are provided with legal services for all aspects of Personal Injury concerns. This includes initial consultation to determine which legal strategies will bring desired results, to representation for negotiation, mediation or litigation. Being harmed or killed because someone else was negligent causes tremendous financial and personal stress to the victim or survivors. Under Personal Injury Law, you can fight to obtain fair compensation for claims related to the injury incident.

Indiana Personal Injury Attorney

Attorney David Wilson provides complete legal services for clients who have been harmed due to negligent behavior. He can help you or your loved ones recover from harm inflicted by some other person or company whose negligent behavior caused accidental or intentional harm. David has over 20 years experience in this area of law practice. He has achieved excellent results, is dedicated to serving others, and he has a long record of successful case wins in state and federal courtrooms.

Northwest Indiana Legal Services

Attorney David Wilson has excellent knowledge and skill in this area of law practice, serving clients at negotiation or mediation conferences, as well as in courtroom litigation.

Subjects of concern to clients pursuing justice under Personal Injury Law include:

  • Vehicle Accidents – Trucking and Automobile accidents, Public Carrier accidents and other accidents that are due to negligent behavior harm and kill people and devastate families daily across the nation. Accidents due to equipment failures may involve claims against individuals as well as companies that produce or sell that equipment.
  • Workplace Accidents – Safety violations, injuries in the workplace or while on duty harm people daily. Prevention rules do not always work, especially when employees or management is negligent about enforcement. Discrimination is another common workplace issue that can be resolved under Personal Injury Law.
  • Deliberate Attacks – People who are injured by a deliberate attack also may use legal options to gain justice and fair compensation for injuries inflicted by another person.
  • Premises Liability –Owners and users of property are liable for injuries that occur to passersby or guests on that property, including commercial, residential and government areas.
  • Insurance Coverage Disputes – Insurance companies may be reluctant to make sufficient compensation to victims.
  • Wrongful Death – Some accident injuries are so severe that people die. Their survivors may be eligible to pursue compensation for funeral and burial costs, income loss, loss of companionship and other claims.

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